Watersafety and Watersecurity Urban Deltas

Watersafety and Watersecurity Urban Deltas (WWSD) is aimed at promoting the testing, demonstrating or researching of the feasibility of renewing technology, methodology or innovative prototypes in the field of water. The WWSD program is part of Partners for Water 2016-2021. This program is set up for parties in the Dutch water sector with international ambitions.

Potential benefits

For enterprises, knowledge institutes and NGO’s the WWSD compensates the project with a maximum of 60% of the total project costs for all Dutch applicants together.

Who is eligible for WWSD?

WWSD focuses on projects that contribute to solving a predefined issue in a local  foreign situation. Certain countries are excluded from the WWSD program:

  • The feasibility study: The feasibility study researches the strengths, weaknesses and potential risks of an intended project. The study should focus on researching a clear issue to which a concrete method, technology or approach can offer a solution. The study is in preparation to a pilot project or demonstration. The purpose should be to analyse and investigate different conditions such as financial, legal, institutional, potential partners, market perspective and competition.
  • The pilot project focusses on the validation of the solution on a small, realistic scale. The results should be able to persuade a potential client of the effect of an intended solution or method. Acquiring knowledge and skills for the development of new or improved products, procedures and services is the main purpose of the pilot project. The project includes activities such as obtaining, combining, shaping and using existent scientific, technological, business knowledge and/or other skills.


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