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Stimulating sustainable energy production

The SDE+ is a subsidy for companies, institutions and non-profit organizations that (are planning to) create renewable energy.

SDE+ subsidy

Applying for the SDE+ is possible for the production of:

  • renewable electricity;
  • renewable gas;
  • renewable heat or a combination of renewable heat and electricity (CHP).


The yearly budget for this subsidy is €10 billion. The subsidy compensates the difference in price between grey and renewable energy. The subsidy is spread out over a fixed number of years, depending on the technology being used. The amount of the subsidy is depending on multiple factors:

  • The scale of the project
  • The moment of applying
  • The price of grey energy
  • Own use of renewable energy or provision back to the grid


The first opportunity for applying will be in the “autumn round”. This application period starts the 29th of October and closes the 14th of November.


Ugoo supports companies setting up and applying for the SDE+. For more information about SDE, please contact one of our consultants.