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SME instrument (part of Horizon 2020)

The European Commission supports SMEs in the final steps to bring a ground breaking product or service to the market. This subsidy of 0.5 to 2.5 million euros is made available to subsidise 70% of the project costs. This includes R&D for a final optimization step, scaling up, verification and / or validation of performances, demonstrations and activities aimed at European or even global market introduction. Unique for a European subsidy is that the SME-Instrument project does not have to be carried out by a consortium but can be applied for by one company.

Is your company eligible for the SME instrument?

Projecten die in aanmerking komen voor deze subsidie voldoen vaak aan een combinatie van de volgende factoren::

  • Projects that qualify for this grant often meet a combination of the following factors:
  • The company has an emphatic focus on innovation, wants to grow strongly and has international ambitions to disrupt established value chains.
  • The company has previously received subsidies for R&D and the innovation is protected by, for example, patents or a big lead over competitors.
  • The company already has a product on the market, has built up an already existing network with customers & suppliers and can enter the market immediately after the project.
  • The company has a strong team that has all the essential experience and knowledge for successful implementation of the project and commercialization of the innovation.

More information?

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