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About us

Ugoo is specialized in the analysis of innovation processes, the drafting of subsidy applications and providing guidance after a subsidy has been awarded. In essence, Ugoo ensures the highest grossing grants, whilst keeping the time investment for you as low as possible. This full-service experience allows organisations to completely focus on what’s really important: their own innovative developments.

Why should you choose for Ugoo?

  • full-service experience;
  • specialists in grants and subsidies with a specific focus on innovation, such as the popular R&D-grant (in Dutch; the WBSO);
  • proactive; a focus on regional, national and international subsidies;
  • track-record of being able to transform complex innovation processes into simple, yet convincing subsidy proposals;
  • Partnerships with innovation-hubs such as, YES!Delft, Rockstart, UtrechtInc, Accenture Innovation Awards and more.
A very pleasant business partner. Truly worthy of a recommendation! — Etrias

Higher grossing grants, full-service approach

Thanks to our passion for innovation and in-depth knowledge of the subsidy landscape, we are able to ensure higher yields for especially innovative ICT and high-tech companies. This approach is followed by a strong focus on full-service, so that companies can be fully focussed on their R&D ambitions. This approach seems to work, since we’re still working for almost all our day one clients.

Ugoo’s service doesn’t stop after a grant has been awarded

Even when a grant has been awarded, we still commit to the R&D-project. We actively look for innovation partners, credit providers or (private) investors. We also help in setting up the administration flow and provide guidance in auditing processes from grantors.

Proactive and professional — ADchieve

Meet our people

Technology runs through the veins of all of our Ugoo employees. We dive into your innovation and financial needs and monitor the subsidy landscape meticulously.