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INTERREG 2014-2020

Europese subsidieregeling voor internationale projecten

INTERREG is a European subsidy for innovative and sustainable projects in which one or more international parties work together on regional issues.

INTERREG, for who is it?

Projects that contribute to a better environment, reduce economic disparities between the regions and Member States, and reinforce the competitiveness of the Netherlands, can qualify for a financial contribution from INTERREG.

The INTERREG target group consists of:

  • Companies and knowledge institutes
  • Governments and non-profit institutions
  • Development companies

INTERREG is subdivided into separate European regions and has several programs with its own themes and investment priorities. See below for more explanation.

INTERREG North West Europe (NWE)

Countries and budget

  • United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland (without EU funding) and partly the Netherlands, Germany and France
  • The budget is €396 million. Of these, 94% is earmarked for projects and 6% for the management and implementation of the program.

Investment priorities

  • Promoting the innovation capacity of the organisations and regions
  • Efficient use of materials and raw materials
  • Transition to low carbon economy

INTERREG North Sea Region (NSR)

Countries and budget

  • Denmark, Norway and partly United Kingdom, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium and Germany
  • The budget is €167 million, part of which is earmarked for the management and implementation of the program.

Investment priorities

  • Promoting research, technological development and innovation
  • Environmental protection, climate change and sustainable transport
  • Efficient use of green resources



  • Reinforcing research, innovation and technological development
  • Environmental protection and the efficient use of green resources
  • Enhancing SME competitiveness
  • Transition to a low-carbon economy

Possible support and budget

  • Interregional cooperation projects: public authorities from different EU Member States cooperating on a common policy problem
  • Knowledge Platform (thematically) offering services and products for the regions
  • The budget is €359 million

Role of Ugoo

Ugoo monitors actively and creatively for grant opportunities for her (future) partners in the broadest sense. We take as much work out of your hands as possible when drafting and submitting grant applications. We also assist in the establishment of administrations and periodic audits of the subsidy-providing bodies.

Next steps

For a free assessment with INTERREG or other grants, please contact one of our consultants.