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The innovation credit

The Innovation Credit is a risk-free loan that supports innovation development by Dutch SMEs. The program is available for all types of SMEs, from established organisations to those that have just started. Click this link to see if your organisation is eligible.


  • The project is unique in the Netherlands;
  • The project is technologically innovative;
  • The project has a systematic approach with measurable milestones;
  • The project has a high economical potential. The business plan should prove that an extensive market share can be attained;
  • The development phase is between ‘proof of concept’ and ‘market introduction’;
  • The project costs amount to a minimum of € 100,000,-;
  • The project duration is 4 years maximum;
  • The innovation supports the Dutch economy.

The digits

  • The available budget of the Innovation Credit in 2019 is € 60 million, of which €30 million for clinical innovations and € 30 million for technical innovations;
  • The interest rate fluctuates between 7% for technical innovations and 10% for clinical innovations;
  • The credited amount depends on the size of the organization. Large organisations can finance up to 25%. A medium sized organisation can finance up to 35%, while a small organisation can finance up to 45%;
  • Eligible costs are: wage costs, materials, depreciation (e.g. of machinery), subcontracting, travel costs, patenting costs, etc.

Next steps

Please contact us if you have an interesting project at hand. After having discussed your project, we can submit a quick scan. Based on the results, we can give you direct feedback on chance of success.