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Innovation Box

7% company tax over R&D profits

The Innovation Box is a beneficial arrangement for innovative organisations, applicable when R&D development leads to profit. The Innovation Box grants a reduction of up to 72% on company tax over profits derived from R&D for which a patent or an official WBSO-certificate has been granted. For optimal usage, extensive expertise is needed in many areas. At Ugoo we have got you covered: over the last 10 years more than a hundred projects were successfully completed. Do you wish to apply for the Innovation Box? Check here to determine your eligibility.

(Relatively) new arrangement

The Innovation Box is a relatively new arrangement (since January 2010) and  it’s one of the largest subsidies in Dutch business. Continuing in 2019 the Innovation Box will be available to improve the innovation climate in the Netherlands.

Innovation Box requirements: Is your company eligible for the Innovation Box?

Are you curious if your company is eligible for the Innovation Box? You are eligible when there’s an innovative product, process or software for which a WBSO-certificate or patent has been issued. Additionally, there must be a profit attributable to the innovation. To obtain optimal results for our clients, we collaborate with our partner accountant and/or tax advisor.


Thorough analysis

The Innovation Box team consists of tax advisors and subsidy experts of Ugoo, as the Innovation Box touches both the fields of taxation as subsidies. Combining our expertise in these disciplines enables us to quickly assess whether your company can benefit from the Innovation Box and how much tax savings can be achieved. Based on a thorough research, we consult the Belastingdienst and apply for application of the Innovation Box on your behalf. Thanks to the arrangements we make with the the Belastingdienst, you can benefit from the Innovation Box for several years. Since we work on a no cure, no pay basis, our services only cost you once the subsidy has been successfully granted.


Interested in realizing maximal benefits from the Patent- and Innovation Box? Please contact one of our specialists via the contact information below, submit a contact form via our website or contact one of the Ugoo consultant. You can also reach us on 020-3655531.