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Human Capital

Human Capital is a partnership program by three northern provinces in the Netherlands ( Drenthe, Friesland & Groningen). Its goal is to strengthen the economy in that region. Therefore the program stimulates collaboration projects between SMEs and knowledge institutions, in which they gather insights into the future supply and demand of the job market.

Grant potential

The program subsidises 50% of all eligible costs, with a minimum of € 100,000. The remaining budget for the program for 2019 is € 2,0 million euro’s.


A collaboration consists out of at least one SME and at least one knowledge institution (i.e. a university). Both have to be located in one of the three northern provinces. Further requirements are:

  • The granted amount can only be spent on activities that directly lead to insights into the future supply and demand of the job market. An implementation or other follow-up project is not subsidised.
  • Activities that are regular for one of the project partners are not subsidised.
  • The project takes up to three years.
  • Applications can be submitted up until July 1st, 2020.

Eligible projects

Projects that focus on the following activities are eligible:

  • Developing methods and techniques that generate insights into the future supply and demand of the job market.
  • Designing structures and solutions that align higher education with the job market.
  • Developing courses and educational structures that focus on the future job market.


Ugoo supports you during the whole application process, from setting up and submitting the application up to maintaining all follow-up communication with the grantor.

Are you planning a project that is in line with the above requirements? Or would you like to discuss your opportunities for this program? Please contact us via the orange button or by calling one of our consultants via 020 – 3655531.