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A European innovation program

Eurostars stimulates European companies to jointly perform market-oriented R&D-projects. Companies that carry out applied research or experimental development can get subsidised up to a maximum of 50% project costs or €500.000.

How much subsidy does Eurostars yield?

Eurostars subsidises a percentage of the project costs with a maximum of €500.000 for all of the Dutch project participants combined. The percentage depends on the type of organisation and activity. For example, percentages for an SME are 35% for development activities and 45% for research. The Eurostars website provides an overview of the percentages per type of organization and activity.


Eligibility criteria

The Eurostars program is meant for research performing SME’s. These are companies that allocate a part of their funds and personnel to applied research and experimental development. A second eligibility criteria is that R&D must be performed by a consortium which consists of at least two collaborating SME’s from two different Eurostars countries. Note that Eurostars countries include all EU-members as well as Canada, Israel, Norway, Turkey, the UK, South-Africa, South Korea and Switserland.

Check the Eurostars website for examples of Eurostars success stories.

Application procedure

The Eurostars submission process consists of two phases. In the first phase a project plan must be submitted to the European secretariat in Brussels. Project are evaluated by field experts on aspects such as project planning, the quality of the consortium, market potential and valorization, innovation and R&D. If approved, the second phase consists of submitting the actual grant application to the local authorities which handle funding.

Ugoo services

Ugoo provides extensive guidance and support during the entire submission process. Our activities range from writing and submitting a quickscan, writing and submitting the project plan, assisting with periodic reporting requirements, to handling all communication with the grant authority.

Are you planning an R&D project in conjunction with partners from other Eurostars countries? Or do you wish to assess the chances of success for your project? Then contact us through the following form.