CityLab010 provides a financial contribution for initiatives that contribute to the further development of Rotterdam into an even more attractive city to live, work and study in.

Who can apply for CityLab010?

CityLab 010 is a platform that assembles people with initiatives for the wellbeing of the city Rotterdam, together with people who have the knowledge, expertise and resources to turn their ideas into workable plans. CityLab010 has set two criteria to which a project plan must comply:

1. The project plan is of societal relevance;
2. The project plan has an innovative approach or means of cooperation.

CityLab010 has defined 9 themes. The idea or project plan should adhere to one or more of these themes:

  • “Clean and beautiful city” e.g. littering and separation .
  • “Safe city” e.g. street safety and livability in the neighborhood.
  • “Rotterdam economic progress”
  • “Everyone go to work” e.g. reducing the amount of unemployed people in Rotterdam.
  • “A sustainable and accessible city” e.g. flooding and energy consumption.
  • “Comfortable living for families” e.g. safe outdoor playing and green neighborhoods.
  • “A heart for education” e.g. inspiring learning methods, teacher training programmes.
  • “Culture as renewing strength” e.g. co-creation in the creative industry
  • “Pick a sport and keep exercising” e.g. utilization of outdoor areas, new sports.

What is the CityLab010 benefit?

The benefit is granted as a lumpsum subsidy, which enables the reimbursement of 100% of the project costs. In 2018, €3 million was made available, distributed among the 9 different themes. Each theme has its own maximum for the total lump sum reimbursement and can vary strongly between the different themes. Based on your initiative or idea we can assess the potential benefit for you or your organization.

More information?

We are more than happy to explore the possibilities of the CityLab010 program for your idea or initiative.  Please leave your contact details in this form, or call us at 020- 365 5531.